Welcome to Teacher Mama Collective

Building Confidence through Friendships

Welcome to Teacher Mama Collective!

Hi, there! We're so glad you found this space! We're friends who met working at Girl Scout camp many years ago. Today, we're both mamas who reconnected while supporting each other through maternity leave from teaching. We understand the challenges and benefits of making real mom friends, online and in person. We know it's so helpful to connect with teacher mamas who just get it. We also get overwhelmed by the noise on other social media platforms. So, we created a space for moms just like us and you. Can't wait for you to join us, strong teacher mama!

What You’ll Get Here

Teacher Mama Collective is a group for women who want authentic friendships. This collective provides a space to:

+Connect with teacher mamas who live near you, teach the same subject/grade level as you, and/or whose kids are near the same age as yours

+Swap stories, experiences, and ideas (not necessarily advice) about parenting and teaching

+Participate in exclusive monthly Ask Me Anything webinar sessions with mama education leaders and mama parenting guides

+Receive discounts on Teacher Mama Collective swag and retreats

+Attend virtual and local mama meetups

What You Won’t Get Here

Teacher Mama Collective is a space for teacher mamas to create supportive friendships without:

-The distractions of larger social media platforms


-Judgement from non-mamas

-Worrying whether or not someone is trying to sell you something

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